ZONE 1 Welcome to Thailand

Thailand Pavilion Directory

The 418th Anniversary of the Thailand – the Netherlands Relations

BCG Model: Bangkok Green City

ZONE 2 Future Products

“Standards for All” มาตรฐานสินค้าเกษตร

Show trust and confidence in Thai agricultural products. both as food and not food by conveying to the agricultural

Standards of Thailand from upstream, midstream and downstream. (GAP Organic GMP HACCP )

“Thai Herbs “From Farm to Products”

Present information showing the potential and reliability of Thai herbs. "Fah Talai Jone" from the production process, upstream, midstream, downstream, extract standards and Thai herbal products

“Future Food” Products with potential for export

Presenting examples of Future Food products with potential for Thai exports Emphasize products that use Thai agricultural products as the main raw material.

“Land of Orchids”

Orchids and ornamental plants are on display. taking into account the arrangement of orchids to be outstandingly beautiful To create the image of Thailand "Land of Orchid"

ZONE 3 Showroom: Future Products

Showroom: “Future Products”

จัดแสดงสินค้า “Future Product ” Exhibit future products with potential for export, both in food and not food, including

  • 1)Agricultural products and products (food and non-food products - future products and potential products)
  • 2)Herbal products, spa and cosmeceuticals
  • 3)Cultural Product of Thailand: CPOT
  • 4)Silk and cotton products
  • 5) Other products and products such as rubber products Jewelry products from orchids, dried flowers