Thai Garden

The main landscape architecture design in the Thailand Pavilion area, selected to present 3 main concepts.

  • 1. Resilience landscape
  • 2. Gastronomy Thailand
  • 3. Energy sustainability

  • 1.Chom Bua Zone (Water Lilies Pond)

    It is part of the display of the beauty of the ornamental lotus. Many varieties and colors around the pond in front of the building. Plants grown such as ornamental lotus, duckweed, geranium, saffron, pineapple, gardenia

  • 2. multipurpose courtyard Green area around big trees (Green Space)

    It is used as a space for special events such as organizing activities of rotating exhibitions such as demonstrations, workshops, and product and product tastings. Thai cultural show Demonstration of handicrafts, etc., by installing a woven bamboo serpent sculpture as a clear destination for the area And choose plants with blue flowers to represent the water. Plants grown such as lettuce, carrots, turnips Chili, mint, basil, celery, rosemary, beetroot,potato

  • 3. Vegetable and herb garden zone(Home Garden)

    It is the use of part of the area to show that Thailand often uses the garden area next to the house as an area for growing vegetables and herbs for eating in the household. ready to be used for decoration By using vegetables and herbs that can be found locally and suitable for the specific weather conditions such as carrots, lettuce, peppers, mint, basil, etc.

  • 4. water treatment plants zone

    It is an area that simulates the use of aquatic plants such as turfgrass, horsetail grass and azolla for wastewater treatment. The area of the houses to consider the environment

  • 5. Waterside Garden zone

    There will be 2 areas: the front of the building and the area behind the building The front of the building will be decorated in the form of water waves. The rear part is arranged in the form of an overflowing pond. The plants that are selected to be used will focus on water plants and coastal plants, for example, and water treatment plants. with high altitude and different colors of flowers Some of the early landscaping plants that were able to survive in cold climates were iris, calla lilies, horsetail grass, azaleas, and others.

  • 6. Orchid and Exotic Plants Zone

    It is a trellis house for orchids and ornamental plants that are the economic plants of Thailand such as orchids, Vanda, Dendrobium, Ivory, dragon tongue, adenium, etc. The exhibits are rotated according to the weather conditions.

  • 7. Thai-style parterre Zone

    located in the area adjacent to the main thoroughfare By bringing plants to place in the form of simple Thai patterns. By focusing on the use of flowering plants in purple and yellow tones. according to the birthday of His Majesty the King and the Queen and the secondary tone is white and green by plants that are grown such as lavender, asters, colored pineapples, tulips, saffron, etc.

    In addition, you can also Thai garden has chosen to use ornamental plants and fruit trees such as ornamental oranges, planted in porcelain pots or glazed pots. in the form of pergola and bonsai, which is an idea for planting ornamental plants indoors or near buildings. To appreciate the work and convenient to use and during the season that can plant tropical plants During June - August there will be an update. Change some trees in the Thai garden such as Pathumma, Marigold, Jasmine, Chuan Chom, etc.