Thailand at a Glance

Location and area

Thailand is located on the continent of Southeast Asia. Thailand is positioned to the north of the equator. With a latitude of 15.8700° N and a longitude of 100.9925° E. Temperature is between 22 – 37 degrees. It has an area of approximately 513,120 square kilometers.


Thailand has borders with 5 neighboring countries as follows:

  • North borders with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • South borders with the Federation of Malaysia.
  • East borders with the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • West borders with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.


The overall topography of Thailand consists of mountain ranges, forests, hills, plateaus, valleys, plains around large rivers, seas, beaches and islands. It can be divided into 4 regions, a total of 77 provinces, as follows:

  • Central region has mostly plain terrain and some provinces adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, totaling 25 provinces.
  • Northern region has mostly mountains and valleys, including 17 provinces.
  • North-Eastern region most of the terrain is plateau, including 21 provinces.
  • Southern region has a topography flanked by the sea. The left bank is next to the Andaman Sea. The right bank is on the Gulf of Thailand. total 14 provinces


Thailand has a monsoon climate. can be divided into 3 seasons:

  • Winter season starts from November - February. Average temperature 26 – 28 Celsius
  • Summer season starts from March - May, the average temperature is 28 - 32 Celsius.
  • Rainy season starts from May - October, the average temperature is 26 - 30 Celsius.

*Source: Department of Land Development Source: Sirindhorn Anthropology Center (Public Organization) Information as of February 21 , 2022


Currently, Thailand has a population of 70,086,559 people. accounted for 0.9 percent of the world's population. has a population density of 137 people per square kilometer with a total area of 510,890 square kilometers

*source: Worldometer Information as of February 21 , 2022

Nations Religion, Tradition, Culture

King Rama VI designed the tricolor flag . and gave the meaning of the colors in the national flag as follows

  • Red means blood sacrificed to preserve the nation and religion.
  • White represents the purity of religion.
  • Blue represents the personal color of the Thai King .
  • The official language of Thailand has its own language , which is Thai, and it is encouraged that the people of the country can speak two languages .

Most of the population in Thailand Approximately 95 percent of them are Buddhists and religion islam percentage 4 and respects Christianity and other religions about percentage 1

Traditions, and Thai culturearising from concepts , beliefs, and lifestyles. morals, values, and religious rituals are passed down through generations in the form of beliefs, although each area has different traditions. But Thai traditions still help to keep Thai people in a good frame. Create behaviors for Thai people to have humility, gentleness, unity , and manners like Thais and these good things. can indicate the history of the nation

*source : Parliament Museum 63- Thai-Flag.html ASEAN Community Network Coordination Center on Public Health, Nan Province Press Office Department of Public Relations as of February 21 , 2022 .

Currency exchange rate

Average exchange rate of commercial banks As of February 21 , 2022

  • United States of America 1 USD 31.88 Baht
  • Eurozone 1 EUR 35.98 Baht
  • The United Kingdom 1 GBP 43.13 Baht
  • Japaness 100 JPY 27.49 Baht
  • Chinese 1 CNY 4.98 Baht